"You have to go through the dark to get to the light"
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We pride ourselves in having very positive atmosphere. Dark is a safe place to dance, grow, and discover.
We are a second home to dancers. Come share, dance, and make everlasting friendships.
Our team is passionate about dancers who want to learn. Join a like-minded family, we share our passion with eachother and our community.
  1. Hip-Hop
    Lineen Doung
  2. Contemporary
    Allison Bradley
  3. Commercial
    Hollywood Jade
  4. The Experiment
    Derick Robinson
  5. Ballet
    Rachel Zinc

Below you can find a few testimonials from current and alumni DARK members!

  1. I am so thankful that I joined Dark when I did. I've met so many life long friends through this company and have grown in many ways due to those who surrounded me. This is more than a company, its a family ❤

    Hannah Klamann / Dark Alumni

  2. Dark Dance gave me an opportunity for growth and exploration in street dance styles that I never dabbled in before. The team I was surrounded by gave me the drive to learn and practice, and to improve my freestyle. They challenged me and inspired me to be a better dancer, friend and after two years, a mentor to the younger ones in the company. Dark also gave me the opportunity to know and learn from the talented individuals in Toronto's industry and in the last year, to be able to dance for them.

    Angelina Bong / Dark Alumni

  3. Training in dance is an internal battle with yourself. At Dark that battle becomes shared with the family that you meet and become part of. At Dark training isnt just bettering yourself, its pushing everyone else to try and beat you too. The push that everyone has for eachother is what makes Dark special and the best dance experience I've ever had.

    Jerimy Dickson / Dark Alumni